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Candy Floss Machine For Sale


A candy floss machine for sale is used to make different colours and tastes of cotton candy.Its used to make sweet yet enriching candy that everybody loves. Made by heating sugar and spinning the liquefied sugar out through tiny holes where it re-solidifies in minutely thin strands of sugar glass, the final cotton candy contains mostly air with a typical serving weighing approximately 1 ounce or 30 grams. Often served at fairs, circuses and carnivals, cotton candy is sold on paper batons or in plastic bags.Food coloring can be used to change the natural white color, and numerous flavorings are available to change the taste.

Typical machines used to make cotton candy include a spinning head enclosing a small “sugar reserve” bowl into which a charge of granulated, colored sugar (or separate sugar and food coloring) is poured. Heaters near the rim of the head melt the sugar, which is squeezed out through tiny holes by centrifugal force.

Pre-colored sugar packaged specially for the process is milled with melting characteristics and a crystal size optimized for the head and heated holes; granulated sugar used in baking contains fine crystals which spin out un-melted, while rock sugar crystals are too large to properly contact the heater, slowing the production of cotton candy. The molten sugar solidifies in the air and is caught in a larger bowl which totally surrounds the spinning head.

Left to operate for a period, the cotton-like product builds up on the inside walls of the larger bowl, at which point machine operators twirl a stick or cone, around the rim of the large catching bowl, gathering the sugar strands into portions which are served on stick or cone, or in plastic bags. As the sugar reserve bowl empties, the operator recharges it with more feed stock. The product is sensitive to humidity, and in humid summer locales, the process can be messy and sticky.

Candy Floss Machine For Sale In South Africa

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