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Gas Deep Fryer

deep fryer

A type of kitchen utensil that can be used to heat cooking oils (fats) so foods can be completely covered in hot oil to be fry cooked, also referred to as “deep fat fried”. Deep Fryers, which may be known as Deep Fat Fryers or Flash Fryers, are built for home use and commercial use, the difference typically being size and features. Home fryers are smaller in size with smaller oil capacity chambers and are built to fry less amounts of food so individual portions or servings for only a few can be fried.

Commercial varieties will often contain larger capacity oil chambers for greater amounts of food. Deep Fryers may consist simply of a deep walled pot made from cast iron, black steel or stainless steel that are used on stovetops. These pots at times have fry baskets that fit within the pot to hold the contents being fried while other pots may simply use nest baskets or slotted spoons to place and remove foods from oil chambers/pots as they cook.

In addition to stovetop fryers, many smaller Deep Fryers are built as electrical appliances so the cooking can be accomplished on a countertop. Larger electrical Deep Fryers also are made for both home or commercial use. The larger units may be self contained countertop units with one or two removable fry baskets or larger versions for more heavy-duty frying tasks such as for use in restaurants.


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