Inflatable Tents For Sale

  • Inflatable tents for sale - Peg and pole tents for sale in South Africa

Inflatable tent for sale – byTent Technics Uniquely designed suitable for all occasions these tents are pole-less easy to transport and set up.
These are NORMAL INFLATABLE TENTS which is made from PVC Material .

Tent Technics inflatable cube tents has all the features as tube tents the only difference is the double layer Heavy Duty PVC material that is used on the cube tents. And catches to tie down if need be.There are few different methods you can use to clean your inflatables units. A spray bottle filled with plain water will get off light dust and dirt.

You can also get vinyl cleaning products that are meant for cleaning gym mats. One product that really works well is the Tent Technics PVC CLEANER. It is a disinfectant which kills 99.9%of germs bacteria and viruses. It is a good idea to do a good disinfecting every couple of weeks when the inflatables are being used regularly.

The features are as follows:

  • 220V Air Blower (continuous air blowing into tent in-order for tent to be stable)
  • Windows with ZIP
  • Door (zip up pvc material door)
  • Supplied with bag
  • Not air tight (air is escapable therefore air blower needs to be on at all times when tent is up)
  • Tie downs(tie up tent if necessary- supplied with pegs &poles)


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Inflatable tents for sale Uniquely designed suitable for all occasions these tents are pole-less easy to transport and set up.
These are NORMAL INFLATABLE TENTS which is made from PVC Material


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